Dance Rules

Please read General Rules first.

  • RESTRICTED means never having won a FIRST PRIZE in that section at any age at any previous Eisteddfod up to the closing date of entries. (This refers to the title of the section, not the routine/piece) Competitors eligible are permitted to enter Restricted or Non-restricted sections, or both, but must not repeat the same routine.
  • If there are fewer than three (3) competitors in any section, the section may be cancelled or combined with the next age group or a similar section.
  • All music to be in CD format. – Please note: CDRWs DO NOT PLAY on the Theatre’s sound system. Please ensure all CDS are CDRs. The sound system at the Civic Theatre must be used for playing of all CDs. The Committee will provide a competent person to play music. Each dance must be on a separate CD. Please ensure a backup copy is available.
  • All CDs are to be clear and audible, CLEARLY MARKED with competitor’s name, as well as SECTION NUMBER AND COMPETITOR’S NUMBER.
  • Music is to be handed in to the GREENROOM AREA at least 2 sections before competing. Any specific instructions must be attached and explicit. Please leave CDs in cases. It is the competitor’s responsibility to hand in music on time and collect it after performance.
  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: All electrical equipment brought into the Eisteddfod venues must be checked by a certified electrician prior to the Eisteddfod and have a current electrical tag in place. Any electrical equipment not meeting the Workplace Health and Safety guidelines will not be allowed to be used. This includes CD players, hair dryers and curlers.
  • Please leave DRESSING ROOMS and GREENROOM tidy. No responsibility will be taken for lost or damaged property. Please ask at Eisteddfod office for lost property.
  • Spraying of shoes within the Theatre is PROHIBITED.
  • Groups who are not competing in the current section called will not be allowed in the Green Room due to the congestion it causes.
  • Prompting, except by the adjudicator, will not be permitted.
  • Presentation of prizes will be on stage for Major prizes – Championships, Scholarships and trophy awards. All other prizes are to be collected from the Eisteddfod office following adjudication – ie report sheets, medals, monies, certificates.


                                                          PROPS RULING

Props will be limited to ONE prop PLUS a choice of either a small prop OR a hand-held prop. A chair will be allowed if needed to complete a set. (ie table and chair set together etc.) NO straw, glitter, lighted candles, sparklers, lighted cigarettes, or any naked flame will be permitted.) For further clarification please contact a dance committee member.



(Music chosen by Adjudicator)

  • Ballet/Demi – to be danced in plain coloured leotard.
    (a short sheer ballet skirt is permissible – no head pieces permitted).
  • Jazz/Tap/Modern – to be danced in a one-piece plain coloured leotard.
    (a short sheer ballet skirt or jazz shorts is permissible.



  • KEA Video producers will be in attendance for the Dancing Sections of the eisteddfod and may be ordered by filling in an order form (from program), ringing on (02) 6360 4662 or emailing
  • Winki-Pop Media will be available to take still photographs. All group performances (except school groups) will be photographed. For solo photographs you will need to register with Winki-Pop Media. Once entries have closed you will be sent an email with a link to register. Please view photographs by visiting


This includes the use of mobile phones, ipads or tablets.



The code of conduct applies to all who attend the Eisteddfod.

COMPETITORS – Please note that the use of inappropriate costuming, lyrics or choreography may lead to disqualification from that section.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Please be aware that defamation of character on social media towards any person involved in our Eisteddfod will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification or legal action.

THEATRE ETIQUETTE – No yelling, whistling etc. during or after performances. All costumes must be covered when in the theatre audience. Please do not enter or leave the theatre when performers are on stage.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR – Inappropriate behaviour towards volunteers and Committee Members will NOT be tolerated and may lead to disqualification.

PLEASE NOTE: When signing or agreeing to the declaration when entering, you are giving The City of Orange Eisteddfod Committee permission to reproduce any information necessary for compilation of the program including photos for publicity purposes.

If you do not wish to be photographed, it is the competitor’s (or carer’s) responsibility to notify a Committee person.


(unless otherwise stated)

SOLOS                                  6 yrs & under               up to 2.5mins.

SOLOS                                  7 yrs & over                  up to 3mins.

SONG & DANCE SOLOS                                           up to 3.5mins.

DUOS/TRIOS                                                               up to 3.5mins.


SONG & DANCE/THEATRICAL GROUPS              up to 8mins.


A timer will be in use during the entire Eisteddfod. After the set time has elapsed, the music will be faded, adjudication will cease at this point and the competitor must bow and exit the stage. Disqualification will only take place if this rule is not adhered to. The committee is aware that CD players play at different speeds and have taken this into consideration.



Trophies will be awarded to competitors in various age divisions chosen by the adjudicator, for Encouragement, Consistency and Most Promising Dancers.

POINTSCORE TROPHIES – in all age divisions.

Pointscore Trophies are awarded on the basis of 8 points – 1st; 5 points – 2nd; 3 points – 3rd; & 1 point – H.C.

* Orange Pointscore Trophies to be awarded to a local dancer (2800 postcode) who is a permanent pupil of an Orange Dance School – i) 12yrs & under and ii) 13yrs & over. Regency Jewellers donated a $50 Gift Voucher to the 13yrs & over winner.



* Central West Performing Arts – 12yrs & under and 13yrs & over (all solo sections included).

* Colourcity Dance – 12yrs & under and 13yrs & over (all solo sections included).



* The John Hull Trophy will be awarded to a male classical dancer. (Donated by the Hull Family)

* Lyndi Walley Shield for Senior Groups will be awarded to the best overall Modern Expressive Group.

* Cox Family Shield for Junior Groups will be awarded for the best overall Modern Expressive Group.

* Schools’ Group Trophies will be awarded to Small Schools; Infants K-2; Primary 3-6; Secondary & Special Needs Group.

* Garry Stocks Perpetual Trophy for most promising Tap Dancer – 13yrs & over.

* Damon Griffiths Perpetual Trophy to winner of Open Tap Championship.

* Betty Callaghan Memorial Trophy to best overall Entertaining/Song & Dance competitor, 13 yrs & over . (Donated by Quota Club)

* Collins Family Trophy- awarded for consistent effort by a senior competitor.

Please refer to props ruling for ALL Solo Routines – this ruling excludes Entertainment, Theatrical and Groups Sections.



Please complete entry form and return to: The Dance Entry Secretary, PO Box 8556 ORANGE NSW 2800. This entry form must reach the Dance Entry Secretary postmarked no later than 26th May 2016 and must be accompanied by full entry fee, by cheque or money order PLEASE NOTE LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. No notification of appearance is given by mail, so a programme should be ordered when entering, which will be posted approximately 14 days prior to commencement of the Eisteddfod OR can be downloaded from Orange Eisteddfod website –  If insufficient room on the entry form the entry may be completed on plain paper, with similar headings and must contain declaration.

Download entry form here > Dance Entry Form or use the Stardom Website to enter online – Stardom